Baystone Solar Panel Cleaning and Snow Removal Services was born from our partner company Baystone Industrial Roofing. Over the last few years several of our roofing customers are going green and helping the environment by installing Solar Panels onto their roofs. We have noticed how dirty the panels are getting in the Summer and how many are snow covered in the Winter.

Both of these scenarios mean a 30% loss of generating capacity during the Summer and a total loss of generating capacity during the Winter, thus causing a reduction of revenues from power sold into the grid. Office towers and condominiums have their windows cleaned bi-annually plus cars are washed on a regular basis, so why not keep your revenue generating Solar Panels clean ? Research by Natural Resources Canada and Queens University show a significant loss of power output from Solar Panels caused by airborne dirt and snow.

To remove snow Baystone uses regulated air blowers, in the Summer we use environmentally safe detergent and a Soft Touch Wand rinsed with clean water.Our technicians are secure at being on roofs, all have Site Safety Training, Baystone carries Full Liability Insurance and we are in good standing with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Most of all we guarantee to be gentle with your Solar Panels after all we have been a trusted Roofing Contractor for over twenty years. Are ongoing clients include Medical Facilities, Manufacturing and Distributing Companys, Shopping Malls, Government Agencies, Condominium Corporations and Property Managers.

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